Message From Us

Board Members

Essam Nasef

Ayman Elkousey

Mohamed Sherif Sharaf

Iman Ali Soliman

Ghada El Bialy

Ashraf Bushra

Mohamed Hussien Hassanain

Khaled Moustafa

Sherif El Behery

Ahmed Abdel Kader Saleh

Ahmed Sobhy

Essam Ashour

Hassan Hassan

Amr Demerdash

Chairman Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in El Mostakbal for urban development the Master developer of Mostakbal City We take pride in meeting the ever-growing need of Real Estate Development in Egypt as well as putting our country’s economy and its well- being on top of our priorities .

El Mostakbal has been keen throughout the last period to search for mechanisms to develop Mostakbal City into cutting-edge quality over the execution of the infrastructure and search for opportunities for recitation of top-notch developers to build new projects and in turn develop Mostakbal City where it has presented a successful prototype in the field of urban development and operated with featured modernity operating with the most credible real estate developers to become a partner in success and a strong support in the creation of complete urban developments with full services with the adoption of a unique style urban management. Mostakbal City has become an exemplary challenger in the development of complete urban developments that materialize the ambition of the developers and cater to the concerns of the end user.

Mostakbal City is a real manifestation of a more refined and cultured model that will be integrated into a large mixed-use community that invites investors and developers to harvest El Mostakabl vision to attain success. The sustainability of the project that spans over 45 million square meters makes it a flagship landmark city in East Cairo which will accommodate more than a million resident. Finally, we believe that one of the added values of Mostakbal City will not only benefit the Mostakbal City community but also in providing great employment opportunities in Egypt.

CEO Message

Joining El Mostakbal for Urban Development, as a Chief Executive Officer, is considered to be a new milestone filled with enthusiasm and challenges. I am really looking forward to taking advantage of sharing my experiences to the best for El Mostakbal for Urban Development. Over the years, El Mostakbal for Urban Development has built a strong reputation in the Egyptian market with its complete commitment to its vision and concepts. We succeeded in maintaining a leading position among urban development organizations as a Master Developer by delivering our promises and commitment to quality and innovation. Our team consists of highly motivated and dedicated professionals, with years of experience in the business. Mostakbal City is known for introducing competitive solutions to the Egyptian market, creating, and maintaining solid relationships with our co-developers, partners, and clients. On behalf of El Mostakbal for Urban Development team, I would like to extend my appreciation to each and every one of you for your continuous support. It’s an honor to be among the team of the remarkable Master Developer in Egypt.

Executive Team

Hamdy Hassan
Legal Affairs Manager

Bassam Hafez
Financial & Administrative Director

Ahmed Moustafa
Engineering Director

Yasmin Elhamy
Marketing Manager

Mohamed Shaaban
Financial Manager

Amr Atef
Technical Affairs Manager

Mohamed Massoud
Internal Audit Manager

Mohamed Hassan
Security Manager

Bahaa Taher
Human Resources Manager

Ahmed Talaat
Projects Manager

Mohamed Selim
Electricity Distribution Manager

Mahmoud Dakroury
Chief Investment Officer

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