Chairman Message

chairman msg Chairman Message This is an invitation for organizations with future vision, Organizations that engraved its own paths in the industry of real estate and development in Egypt and the Middle East. I would like to honestly tell them that the future is wide open before our eyes, let’s sit together…… let’s plan together…….imagine & discuss and get unified together…… how can we make Mostakbal city a real manifestation of civilized and global model and how can we all invest and all harvest our success. El Mostakbal for urban development is one of the Mega Developers companies in Egypt and the Middle East. It earned its success with the ownership of its staggering project “Mostakbal City”. Extending eastward new Cairo, spread over 45 million meters square with an accommodation capacity of 1 million residents and only 30 minutes away from Cairo’s international airport, “Mostakbal City” owns a location that vies to none. The project studies asserted that “Mostakbal City” is an exclusive opportunity for a real estate investment that encompasses it all; residential projects, commercial, administrative, educational, health, hotels, entertainment along with other integrated projects. And to widen the horizon for development and growth, we have opened the door for partnerships and investments through beneficial ownerships, leasing and partnerships with investors and developers so we can seize all possible opportunities that boost the development of “Mostakbal City”. We definitely have economic objectives that will contribute to the overall strengthening of the national economy. However, we put before our eyes one high single goal which’s Egypt and how to provide with this project greater employment opportunity for the people of this nation.